GPBT- Adoption of Ten Thousand Buddhas Images
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Adoption of Ten Thousand Buddhas Images

In the sutras, it has been mentioned that: ‘The blessings that you receive this life is the result of one’s contribution towards temple building in past lives’. The karmic benefits arising from temple building and the creation of holy objects are numerous. They form the cause for one to receive an abundance of positive karma, bringing blessings to not only oneself, but also to one’s parents, teachers and descendents, and for one to achieve perfect Enlightenment.
Since its establishment in 1992, Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple has been conducting the Ten Thousand Buddha chanting yearly, on the 15th to 29th day of the first lunar month without fail.
The Eleven Thousand One Hundred and Ten Buddha images, together with the Temple’s main Medicine Buddha image are housed in the prayer hall of the Golden Pagoda Buddhist temple. We would like to invite you to adopt a Ten Thousand Buddha image at a donation of S$888 per image. Adopting an image invites the blessings of the Triple Gems which bring good fortune to the individual as well as society and nation. The temple and the Sangha will also be blessed and protected. Donors can also seek merits for their deceased parents for them to be reborn in the Pure land. We sincerely urge your generosity in adopting the Buddha images, so as to generate boundless merits as well!
May the Triple Gems be with you.